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Before you begin, let’s make sure you are in the right place. Are you already enrolled in an HSA through your employer or looking to enroll in a new HSA offered through your employer?  If so, this is not the correct link.  Go to the link called “Reimbursement Account or click here to begin.  If you are enrolling through your employer for the first time, click here and select:  ‘Create your new username and password’ to begin.  

If you are looking to enroll in an HSA that is not connected to your employer, then you are in the right place and we would like to welcome you to Discovery Benefits’ Individual HSA Online Application Process!  It’s easy to apply for your Health Savings Account (HSA). Simply click on the ‘Get Started’ button below to begin. If you have questions you can contact us at (877) 765-8815 or
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